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Parent & Tot: The Kids Martial Arts Class That Helps 4 & 5 Year Olds Develop Fitness & Focus… While Having Fun!

The best part: Our class lets you get
involved every step of the way. You'll be
there as your child builds character and
learns amazing martial arts.

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It's More Than Punches & Kicks.

Parent & Tot is more than just fun martial arts. Kids build character. They start learning concepts like respect and discipline. They learn how to focus and set goals and achieve them.

It gives them powerful tools that stick for life.

Kids also learn how to positively socialize with other kids, enhance their motor skills, and build coordination.

Martial arts for discipline,
focus, fitness, & fun

Kids love martial arts because they're so fun. Parents love them because they help kids develop...

  • Respect towards themselves and others...
  • Discipline to get homework done, do chores and other tasks...
  • Confidence to grab life by the horns, and challenge themselves...
  • Fitness for health, happiness and longevity
  • And focus to study, pay attention and learn.

It's the ultimate win/win. Kids have a blast while growing and flourishing. Parents feel safe and sound knowing their kids are supervised, and in a super-productive environment.

"Mat Chats" Reveal
Inspiring Stories & Lessons.

"Mat chats" are where kids gather around the instructor to learn about life. We share inspiring, funny stories that teach deeper lessons. This helps kids develop their characters and minds too.

Get Our Class Schedule, Prices & Web Specials.